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Colin, a wealthy, unhappy businessman waits for his wife at Windows on the World and dreams about the only woman he ever loved. (Casualties). 

Clancy flirts with the young woman who swims laps with him as his stroke-damaged wife waits for him at her nursing home.  (Freestyle)

A father grieves for his firemen son who died on 9-11. (Without a Trace)

Missy has too much drink, falls out of her truck and gets run over by it. Twice.  (Happy Hour)

A man tries to come to terms with his unloving, dying mother. (Cheap Salvation)

A car thief finds redemption. (Second Chances)

A son goes searching for his alcoholic father and finds more than he bargained for. (Dancer Stonemason is Missing).

On his retirement day, a teacher who had given up years ago, discovers a long-lost letter from one of his students. (Peace Time)

These stories and the other twenty short pieces that comprise this collection all deal with people who have in one way or another lost their way. Or found it. They are sad, happy, silly, tragic, whimsical, raunchy, redemptive, and occasionally creepy. (Rocky Point Crabs – 1978)

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