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Jake Doyle used to be famous.

Twenty years ago, his Chicago political column was syndicated in 200 papers, but he had an affair – and a son – with his intern, and lost it all. Now he writes a local column and drives for Uber to pay his bills.

Jake is playing out the string when his tranquil world is turned upside down. His biracial son – an ambitious entrepreneur – is marked for death by a street gangster, his alcoholic daughter is pregnant and wants an abortion – which his ex-wife is determined to stop at any cost – and his boss, a wealthy publisher, wants Jake to give up his column to help him run for president.

Jake believes in gun control, but he wants to protect his son. He believes in his daughter’s right to choose, but that belief looks different now that it’s personal. And he wants to keep writing his column without interference, but he also wants one more chance to be famous again.



“The best book I’ve read this year.”  – READERS’ FAVORITE

“Jammed with terrific characters, expert prose, and an overall feel-good wholesomeness, this is a book to savor.”  - PRAIRIES BOOK REVIEW


“Len Joy cultivates a gritty self-realization in his character which makes him both flawed and likeable from the beginning.” – MIDWEST REVIEW


“Joy’s storytelling prowess is exceptional.” – US REVIEW


“A compelling exploration of life’s multifaceted realities.” – LITERARY TITAN

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