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Book Review: Five Minutes, Mr. Byner

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Reading “Five Minutes, Mr. Byner” was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Byner’s book is like a walking history of the entertainment industry. Over the course of his four-decade career he worked with or for almost everyone that was anyone in show business from Steve Allen to Elvis to Henry Fonda.

Byner's had a very successful career and it’s refreshing to hear a professional reflect on his life with honesty and humility. This is not an “I’m great and this is why tale,” nor is it a gossipy even-the-score tell-all. Byner has hundreds of interesting anecdotes, but he doesn’t take any cheapshots. About the only entertainer who doesn’t come off well is Woody Allen.

I suggest that anyone who reads the book ought to check out the Youtube videos of John Byner performing (there are hundreds). It makes his story even more memorable.

Highly recommended.

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