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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 1 Day

Yesterday was the longest workout I've had: a 12 hour drive from Evanston to Tuscaloosa. It would have been under 11 hours but coach Heather and Dr. Damir strongly recommended that I stop several times to do activation stretches for my knee which has been acting up. It definitely helped.

This morning I got up by 5 a.m. and rode 90% of the bike course. My hotel is just a few hundred yards from transition so it was easy to get on the course quickly before the traffic picked up. It was really nice temp but it gets hot quickly. After the ride I did a mile jog over to the race venue and back.

Packet picket is different in the age of covid. Instead of the usual crowd, they staggered the times for pickup so there were no lines. Definitely a different vibe, but I am grateful that we can race again.

I miss my official photographer, Suzanne, as she stayed home to take care of Russell (who didn't want me to leave him).

I am in the last wave tomorrow so I will start at 7:37 and hope to finish by 10:30.

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