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Countdown to Tuscaloosa - 11 Days

It was a beautiful sunny day for my bike workout, except it was only 48 degrees, which is thirty degrees cooler than Tuscaloosa. The workout was repeat hills and we don't actually have any significant hills nearby. I rode up and down Sheridan Road from Maple to Tower Road. There is a lot traffic on Sheridan in the morning, and after reading about the tragic death of famed architect Helmut Jahn in a bike accident over the weekend just west of here, I was extra cautious.

Before the bike workout I had an early morning speed run workout. I didn't have my coach with me to keep me on track and by mistake I ran next week's workout - 8 200s - instead of this week's planned workout of 8 400s at race pace.

I'm doing an excellent job of getting all the stupid mistakes out of my system before the race. I'm sure my coach agrees.

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