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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 14 Days

In two weeks I'll be in Tuscaloosa getting ready for the weekend of racing. Yesterday's workout was a practice duathlon at shorter distances. The objective was to get use to going through the segments of Run - Bike - Run. It's an opportunity to practice the transitions and reacquaint myself with how to use the Garmin watch when it is set in Duathlon mode.

I ran and biked along the Evanston lakefront near Northwestern University. It was 41 degrees and slight rain, so not exactly Tuscaloosa conditions. Plus since there was nobody interested in watching my bike I had to put it in the trunk of my car when I was running.

Overall I was pleased with the results. First run was in range of what I want to do in the race and the bike segment was good, given the traffic and wet conditions. On the second run, my right hamstring felt tight at the start, so I took it easy and it loosened up. I felt strong at the finish.

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