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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 26 Days

On Mondays I have an early morning personal training workout. Today we focused on stability and balance. My coach, Heather Collins, is demonstrating a single-leg dead-lift holding a 25 pound kettle ball by a strap. The strap makes it more difficult because the weight swings around. The purpose of this exercise is to develop the balance and stability of the planted leg. Notice how her left side is in almost perfect alignment from heel to knee to hip to shoulder. It doesn't look that hard, but she has me use the 12 pound weight as she doesn't believe I'm ready for the heavier weight. She's correct.

Even Godzilla the cat can see that my alignment is not so great. But my heel didn't touch and I got better when she put the camera down. A year ago I wouldn't have been able to even balance on one leg even without the weight. I'm a work-in-process.

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