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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 33 Days

Swimming. My races in Tuscaloosa are duathlons so there will be no swimming. But I still have swim workouts so I can be ready for triathlon competition later in the season. When the McGaw YMCA closed last April because of the pandemic I transitioned to Lake Michigan. That worked until the end of September, when I lost interest in swimming in the lake.

There was a group that continued to swim or at least get wet all through the winter. Even without wetsuits (although they did wear knit caps). It appeared from the photos they posted that most of them were women. That's because women are tougher than men. Or crazier.

The YMCA reopend for swimming on a reservation basis. You have to reserve your lane a week in advance and the reservations go fast. However they have special times for the "vulnerable population," of which I am a proud member and those are easier to secure.

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