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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 34 Days

I don't have scheduled workouts on Sunday, just mobility exercises, which I will describe in a later blog.

In 2012, when I completed my only Ironman competition, I weighed 190. A few months after that event, my coach, Heather Collins, of Heather Collins Training, suggested I track my food consumption on MyFitnessPal so I would have more awareness of what I was consuming. She added, to give me more incentive, that I might be able to run and cycle faster if I was carrying around less fat. My focus was not to lose weight, but to increase consumption of protein and nutirionally dense foods like vegetables.

After six months of tracking, I weighed 172. I stopped recording, but the process did raise my awareness level and allowed me to make better choices. Not great choices – I love wine and cheese and pizza and cheeseburgers – but at least now I knew what they “cost.” I have tried to eat more vegetables, not always successfully.

During the pandemic I found that my wine and cheese consumption increased. My weight was bumping up closer to 180, and Heather suggested I resume tracking food intake and try again to increase protein and those nutrionally dense foods she loves so much.

I’ve been back on MyFitnessPal now for a month. Haven’t eliminated the wine and cheese, but I have cut back. And the other day I had some broccoli. It wasn’t awful.

Here are my weekly averages for the last month. The numbers in parentheses are Fitnesspal’s estimates of what my daily consumption for each category should be. Need to do better on the protein consumption and continue to work on the vegetables. I'm told potatoes don't count. Figures.

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