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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 37 Days

Tuesday afternoon after the morning intensity ride, I had a speed workout. Last year I did all my speed workouts at the high school track, but when they closed the track my coach Heather Collins of Heather Collins Training moved the workouts to the frontage road along the Evanston lakefront. There is no pedestrian traffic there, and very few cars when we are running so it was a good option and more equivalent to road conditions during a race.

Tuesday’s workout was to run 6 quarter miles with 1 to 2 minutes recovery between them at a pace of less than 7min 30secs per mile.

I was able to run six quarters under the 7:30 goal – my average pace was 7:20.

We compared this workout with the same workout last May, which was run on a track. I was just slightly slower this time, which could be a function of the track, which is a faster surface. The more interesting statistic was that my maximum heart rate was about 4% higher this time and my recovery heart rate was about 10% higher – meaning my heart rate was not able to recover as much as a year ago.

That could be because we haven’t done as much cardio training this year as we had at this time last year. Or it could be a sign of aging – that’s always a possibility.

I’m hopeful that as I start doing more cardio work that recovery statistic will improve.

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