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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 40 days

I posted this picture on my old blog, "Do Not Go Gentle..." on August 20, 2009. I was in Tuscaloosa that week preparing to compete in my first USAT National Championship.

The woman in the photo is Jennifer Hutchinson a sports dietician, a USAT Certified Level 3 Elite Coach, and a ten time Ironman competitor. That morning I attended her clinic on "Nutrition Tips to Race Well in the Heat." From my blog:

The first thing she told us was that those who don’t live year round in a high temp / high humidity climate should ideally arrive about two weeks before the race to become fully acclimated to the high temperature and humidity. But since that is not a practical option for most, she offered many practical suggestions for what to eat and drink on the day before the race and on race day.

Despite all her good advice, I didn't finish the race. I have competed in 80 triathlons and duathlons and that has been my only DNF. Now, after a year with no racing, I will be competing in my first event since November 2019 - the USAT Duathlon National Championship in Tuscaloosa

A chance for redemption.

My goal is to finish. And to be competitive in my new 70 to 74 age group. There are fewer of us competing now, but those that are still in the game are very good.

It will be a fun challenge and I'm planning to use this blog to chronicle my training over the next forty days.

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