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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: Race Day #2

My countdown is now officially over. I got lucky with this race photo – my race number is on more or less straight, my running form is okay, and I don’t look like I’m about to collapse.

I had some moments of magical thinking in the weeks before this race that I might be able to take 1st place in my age group of 70 to 74. I considered just focusing on this sprint race and not doing the Standard Duathlon (twice as long as the sprint) the day before, but I decided I wanted to compete in both races.

It was a good decision. The top finisher in our age group was Keith Woodward and he was eight minutes ahead of the rest of us. Even if I had rested on Saturday I couldn’t touch his time. He’s an elite athlete.

I was in 2nd place, coming off the bike,but I had a poor transition time (struggled to get my shoes on) and two athletes who were right behind me beat me out of transition and I couldn’t catch them so I finished 4th.

It was fun to be able to race again. The USAT did a great job of organizing the event and I enjoyed my weekend in Tuscaloosa.

The pets and Suzanne were excited to see me when I returned.

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