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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 27 Days

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I had my long run workout. We ran six miles on our "hilly" Sheridan Road / Tower Road course. There were many runners, walkers and cyclists out taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

Today I don't have any scheduled workouts, just my CARS exercises. CARS stands for controlled articular rotations. These are active, rotational movements that move specific joints through their entire range of motion. I have CARS for the neck, shoulder, scapula, hip, ankles, thoracic spine, knee, and toes.

When I am not working out, I spend many hours leaning over my laptop, crafting inspired prose.

My coach, Heather Collins, has suggested I buy a standing desk, as she is concerned that all that inspiration will make me more slumpy (a technical coaching term) than I already am. Actually, she says that she not only wants me to buy the desk, but also use it.

It's a great suggestion and someday I am sure I will follow it. Until that day arrives, I will work on the thoracic spine exercises and the foam roller.

Russell is bored with most of the CARS exercises, but he loves the foam rolling.

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