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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 30 Days

This morning I had an indoor training tempo ride. I had planned to ride indoors on Tuesday and outside today, but I switched it based on the weather forecast. Kudos to the weather forecasters as Tuesday morning was sunny and mild and this morning it was low 40s and rainy. Happy to ride indoors. It was a challenging, but not too excruciating tempo ride.

Right after the tempo ride I had my swim lesson. I am taking lessons with Craig Strong. His goal is to make me more streamlined. He wants me to think about swimming like I'm in a tube, so I keep my arms and legs and feet aligned. He is not expecting me to have a super powerful kick, he is just trying to keep my feet and legs from being an aerodynamic drag.

It is definitely a long term process, but I'm making progress. Here is a video of what Craig described as my best one lap swim ever. It's a start anyway.

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