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Countdown to Tuscaloosa: 39 Days

Ever since the facility where we trained was closed down in May because of the pandemic, I have had mobility and strength training Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at a park in Evanston with my coach, Heather Collins of Heather Collins Training.

We only missed one workout because of bad weather and that was because I cancelled expecting a major snowstorm that didn’t materialize. A few of the mornings part of the workout was shoveling a space on the basketball court so we could work out. The coach is, of course, really good at all the workout routines, but when it comes to shoveling, not so good for someone who grew up in Vermont.

It doesn’t look like I’m doing much in this photo (except frowning) but I’m actually concentrating really hard on the coach’s instructions.

Yesterday we were focused on footwork and balance. If I can become a more efficient runner, by keeping my feet, knees, hips aligned properly, I can mitigate the decline in speed that comes with aging and avoid injury.

In the afternoon I had a swim workout at the McGaw YMCA and I have some cool underwater video, but I will save that for another day.

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